Portable Electric Heating

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Dimplex Coldwatcher - MPH1000
Dimplex MPH1000
Portable Multi- Purpose Heater 1000w

Dimplex Coldwatcher - MPH500
Dimplex MPH500
Portable Multi- Purpose Heater 500w

Dimplex Panel Heater - DXLWP 800
Dimplex DXLWP800 Low Wattage Panel Heater  800w

Dimplex Panel Heater - DXLWP400
Dimplex DXLWP400 Low Wattage Panel Heater  400w

Dimplex Radiator - OFRC20TIC
Dimplex OFRC20TIC 2 Kilowatt Electric Oil Free Column Heater with Timer

Dimplex Radiator - OFRC15C
Dimplex OFRC15C 1500W Electric Radiator Heater

Dimplex Wall Heater - FX20V
Dimplex FX20V Bathroom Fan Heater With Pullcord

Igenix Halogen Heater - IG0800
Igenix 800W White Halogen Heater

Igenix Halogen Heater - IG0012
Igenix 1200W Halogen Heater

Igenix Halogen Heater - IG0160
Igenix 1600W Halogen Heater

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