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doro - Comfort 4005


Doro Comfort 4005
Combo phone with answer machine
2-in-1 cordless/corded phone
Loud and clear sound (24dB)
High contrast display

Phones Tablets \nDoro Comfort 4005 <br />
Combo phone with answer machine<br />
2-in-1 cordless/corded phone <br />
Loud and clear sound (24dB) <br />
High contrast display <br />
Colour: Black

ain features
Pre dialling: Yes
Speakerphone: Yes
Call timer: Yes
Menu navigation: Yes
Key tone: Yes
Clock: Yes
Redial Memory: 10
One touch memories: 5
Phonebook positions: 50
Base unit display
Alph-numeric Display: Yes
Backlit Display: yes
Display Size: 4.0 x 6.6cm
Sounds & Signals
Monophonic ringtones: 5
Polyphonic ringtones: 5
Visual Ring Indicator: yes
Ringer volume settings except off: 5
Ringer off setting: Yes
Priority Call Alert (VIP): Yes
Receiving maximum level (dB(A)): 24
HAC (hearing aid compatible): Yes
Speaker Phone Volume Settings: 5
Microphone mute: Yes
Volume Settings: 5
Caller ID
Caller ID memory¹: 20
Caller ID off Hook (Call Waiting): Yes
Name display from phonebook: Yes 
Name display from the network: Yes
Date & time stamp - internal clock: Yes
Date & time stamp - network: Yes
Message waiting indicator: Yes
Answering function
Base handling: Yes
Handset handling: Yes
Pin-code protected Answer Machine: Yes
Remote access: Yes
Message Backup: Yes
Call Indication Display: Yes
Memo function: Yes
Announce only: Yes
Pre-registered announce message: Yes
Call Monitoring: Yes
Recording time (minutes): 14
Date & time stamp: Yes
Message Indication Display: Yes
Ring count setting: 2,4,6,8, TS
Low Profile Front for Easy Operation: Yes
Desktop Placement: Yes
Powering handset unit
Battery Included (type): 2 x AAA NiMH