Portable Electric Heating

igenix halogen heater - IG0800


Igenix 800W White Halogen Heater

Portable Electric Heating\nIgenix 800W White Halogen Heater
Colour: White

Width: 30cm

Height: 38.5cm

Depth: 14cm

Instant heat
2 heat settings - 400 watt/ 800 watt
Safety tip over switch - automatically cuts the power to the elements if the heater is knocked over. Particularly safe for areas frequented by the elderly children or pets
Integral thermal overload fuse
Energy efficient and economical
Lightweight and portable
Integral carry handle
Metal safety grill
Cool touch cabinet
Weight 0.97 Kilo
Dimensions W:D:H: 300 x 140 x 385
Warranty: 2 Years Manufacturers