Log Burners

dimplex - Westcott Insett WST41


Dimplex Westcott Inset  Multifuel Stove

Log Burners\n

<div>Dimplex Westcott Inset  Multifuel Stove </div>
Colour: Black Cast Iron

Width: 53.8cm

Height: 59.8cm

Depth: 37.5cm


Heat output 4.3kw (wood) / 3.9kw (Anthracite)
Efficiency 80.9% (wood) / 75.0% (Anthracite)
Max log length 200mm
Inset depth 190mm
Multi-fuel appliance suitable for burning wood and most approved, manufactured smokeless fuels
Tested and approved to European Standard EN13229
Airwash system to maintain clear door glass
Double-skinned construction uses natural convection to gently circulate heated air around the room
Designed to be used in a standard 16" fireplace opening
Can be installed without a chimney liner in a suitable, good-condition chimney
Supplied with heat-resistant mitten
No additional room vent required
10 year guarantee on stove body
Constructional hearth required
Mnimum distance to combustable materials - Sides: 275mm Top: 295mm

Weight: 75 kg