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belling - ch60tx


. Belling black ceramic hob

. 4 zones

. Side controls

. Fuse rating 32A

Built In Appliances\n
<p>. Belling black ceramic hob</p>

<p>. 4 zones</p>

<p>. Side controls </p>

<p>. Fuse rating 32A
Colour: Black

Width: 590mm

Depth: 520mm

 Nine power levels to suit your needs 

- Touch controls to easily adjust the heat 

- Easy maintenance to take the hassle out of cleaning 

- Safety features for peace of mind 

The Fastlite elements consist of a hob element sealed under the ceramic hob, and provide extremely rapid heat-up time in comparison to standard ceramic elements.

There’s an auto-heat up facility, and the 4 elements are configured in 2 sizes to comfortably accommodate all pot and pan sizes you may require.